Back to School



I strongly suggest the entire family takes this time to reset and revaluate how they want to end 2019. That’s right folks it’s September and there are 3 months left to check off those resolutions you set back in January. 

New School Year. New Routine. New You.

Start with making a plan on what you want this year to look like. Note the things that worked during last year’s school year, what didn’t work and what items you are ready to offload and delegate to others (the nanny, your kids, your spouse). Your time is money too and sometimes bringing someone else in is well worth the investment. 

I know your Pinterest page and instagram stories are saturated with home command centers, and interesting cubby ideas that will surely get you organized this year. (Cough cough) Did any of these things stick last year? Or does your white board still read “September 2018”. The key is to find something that will work for you and your family. Something that you will actually use and find helpful. 

As always, start simple.

Use the freebie calendar that you’ve had since January and fill out the next 30 days worth of activities. Color code the activities: Green for Kids events, Blue to Parents Events and Pink for family events.  Stick it somewhere you look everyday and see if you actually look and find it helpful.

If you find yourself using this for the next month or so, continue through November. Congratulations you have hit the three month milestone, go out and buy a perfect whiteboard and make that space a Pinterest worthy command center. The important step here is trying it out before investing in the space. I know the thought of if I buy all the “things” and make the space “perfect” then I will surely use it and finally be organized. But I find more times than not it has the opposite effect, we put all the energy into creating the space without creating the habit first. 

You have to build a foundation before you can build the home. 

Quick Tips

  1. Start Small.
  2. Use existing items.
  3. Reward once you establish the habit. 

Sarah Parisi – The Clutter Curator
Chicago’s Premier Home Organizer

Image Via Element5 Digital on Unsplash