Organizing Your Cocktail Cart

For everyone 21 and older, let’s chat about your bar cart or cabinet.

Everyone seems to have a handful of half empty bottles of unknown brands and tastes from a variety of events; your house warming party five years ago, your 4th of July barbecue, oh, and last New Year’s Eve party are just a couple of examples. Do you know anyone like this?

Whether those bottles are pricey items that you hope to enjoy years down the road or others are just taking up space with the hopes someone will finish it off at your next gathering. The fact of the matter is nowadays people always bring their own bottle or twice as much as they need to when attending a party out of common courtesy.

You know these famous bottles that friends and family bring over like “because it looked interesting”

or “I just wanted to try this” bottles – but they just become FILLERS on our carts and in our lives don’t they? We have so many “fillers” in our lives already and my goal is to chip away at these “fillers” with each of my clients. It takes time to learn new habits and be a more conscious consumer.

I’m not one to waste anything ask my husband. I would like to think life as we know it wouldn’t even shift if you purged your random bar bottles. You know, those we all know no one is going to ever drink. Everyone surfs the web looking at perfectly curating spaces ”liking” all of them and day dreaming of have it for ourselves, but then we are on to something else.

Here is the dirty little secret, own less and your space will start to reflect the beautiful spaces you see on Pinterest and Instagram.

Quick Tips:
1. Decide what you will actually drinks…trash the rest (OR make a homemade cleaner with Vodka)
2. Remove any bartending tools or drink decor…only display the items that aesthetically work within the space
3. Remember… LESS is always MORE!

Sarah Parisi – The Clutter Curator
Chicago’s Premier Home Organizer