Master BedroomThere are so many layers to the bedroom organization process because this space is so multifunctional.

It’s a place to sleep, rejuvenate, and a place for passion.  It’s the space that determines how you start every morning and a home for ALL your clothes. Without digging too deep, I’m going to focus on the visual clutter today. Typically I see too many furniture pieces, Tv, artwork, mirrors, clothes hanging on the back of the door, and surfaces covered with paperwork, jewelry, perfume and odds and ends.

When you pull all these items into a single space it doesn’t really read tranquil or a space you to want to cuddle up in. My goal with organizing is to find a way to minimize the visual clutter. Removing 90% of what is on the surfaces.  By reducing bulky furniture – it typically means you need to reevaluate your current wardrobe to open up some space and curate the items that are needed to have out.

For me a TV is a no-no in the bedroom.

We are already glued to our phones, tvs and laptops. I look at the bedroom as my little get away from anything that involves wifi or a plug. When I finally cuddle up after a long day I want to focus on clearing my head and reconnecting with myself and my hubby. Taking it back old school style and talking instead of texting. I understand for others a TV is a necessary part of the bedroom set, in these cases I look to position it so it’s not the main focal point.

I want the best for my clients and myself. Take a moment to visualize your dream bedroom. What color is it? What does your bedding look like…I bet your bed is made – is it dark and cozy or bright and fluffy?  Pull one word that describes your space. Now open your eyes and find simple ways to cultivate this feeling and look in your space. Here’s a hint, when you simplify you will create a space you love.

Quick Tips:

1. Pull any items that do not belong (old bills, workout equipment, leftover snacks…)
2. Downsize furniture, edit your wardrobe and any visual clutter
3. Find ways to cultivate calmness; scents, simplifing your bedside table, or refresh your bedding

Sarah Parisi – The Clutter Curator
Chicago’s Premier Home Organizer

Photo Credit: Home Adore Magazine