Organized PurseThis organization tidbit applies to my ladies and gents!

We all tend to lug around a purse, backpack, messenger bag, or for my family clients, a purse, backpack, child and diaper bag! This is physical weight we carry day in and day out.

Wouldn’t it be nice to lessen the load?

My suggestion is to unpack your bag(s) completely and take a little inventory. When I’m back in New York City visiting my friends they know I’m going to go through their bags, wallets and refrigerators…it’s just what I do! Laughs aside, I find it’s the few areas I can make a big impact on in less than five minutes.

Ok, once your bag has been emptied and everything has been taken out of your wallet or small bags. Take a little inventory of the items you have been carrying around. How many items are you managing? how many items are you using? (Be Honest With Yourself) and how many items have been lost in the depth of your bag that are no longer identifiable?

Just imagine opening your bag and seeing only the items you love and use. Wouldn’t that feel better than constantly digging around for lost objects?

Next step, organize a master list of the items you feel you always need on hand. I have a small bag I purchased in Cambodia made of recycled rubber, it’s the perfect size and I really enjoy using it. In my little bag are floss, tweezers, a nail file, mints, and a band aid. Over time I found these are the items that when I don’t have them it adds stress to my life, knowing I have these on hand at all times gives me peace of mind. Now don’t go making an Apocalypse Kit but think about the items you tend to need and use.

I work with a lot of business owners, consultants, and real estate agents. They have loads of receipts from client dinners, office supplies, and business trips. The key to staying on top of these is emptying and organizing your bag and wallet each day, and placing all the receipts in ONE place and then logging them consistently.

Now each person is different. Some might need to do this weekly while others can hold off and do it monthly, so figure out what works for you. My rule of thumb is doing this audit as frequently as needed to allow it to only take 30 minutes tops. This is a task, and one most don’t enjoy, make is manageable and consistent and you will find peace in doing it, because you see the benefits first hand.

Here is where the habits create a simple life, don’t laugh or judge but I empty my bags entirely every single day. Yup, that’s right every single day. This allows my bag to breathe; it gives it a break and allows my items to last longer and look like new. Try it for a week and let me know how it goes.

Quick Tips:
1. Empty your bag and wallet every day
2. Organize a master list of items you always need on hand
3. Look for ways to lessen the load! One notebook instead of five, or better yet – go digital!

Sarah Parisi – The Clutter Curator
Chicago’s Premier Home Organizer