“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.” – Henry David Thoreau

My clients often contact me because they have a desire to restore simplicity within their lives. The actions to achieve this are not complicated, but they have been disguised by design. The system benefits from promoting a comparison-driven society that idolizes consumerism and busyness.

Intuitively, we wish we had more time, but are our actions aligned with this mission or leaving us broke, disconnected and unfulfilled?

The phrase “less is more,” is about changing thought patterns and habits that challenge the status quo.

It’s less about the pursuit of possessions and more about the pursuit of passions. Instead of spending our time, energy & money towards lifeless things, imagine spending it on experiences that reconnect us and feed our souls. Time never stops, but that doesn’t mean we can’t slow down and enjoy it.

So how do we restore freedom in our lives?

We simply subtract. To consume means to spend, but that isn’t confined solely to what we buy. It’s what we eat, read, watch and spend our most precious asset on — our time. When you’re constantly adding to your life, you distract yourself from all the beauty in it. Simple living doesn’t mean boring. It means clearing space to breathe and put your priorities in proper perspective. 

Start with the basics — purchase less! You can take your time editing existing possessions, working through emotional attachments and freeing up more time in your day, but bringing in more than you’re letting go only perpetuates the problem. Take inventory to avoid duplicates, make clear lists before shopping to avoid aimless wandering and ask yourself if the items you’re purchasing truly add value to your life.

Beyond your personal space, I challenge you to think bigger.

Educate yourself on the environmental and social impacts of your purchases and the packaging they come in. Knowledge is power. Mindful shoppers can sway the market in favor of a more desirable world. Once we become intentional, socially responsible consumers we can simultaneously simplify our lives and feel good about the products we invest in.

I’m committed to helping you clear out all of life’s clutter and that includes helping you get clear on what matters most in your life. Don’t hesitant to reach out! 

Quick Tips

  1. If you want more time, get clear on your intentions and align your actions to do so. 
  2. Start with the basics and slowly begin to subtract the distractions. 
  3. Take steps towards becoming an intentional, socially responsible consumer.

Sarah Parisi — The Clutter Curator

Chicago’s Premier Home Organizer

Photo Via https://unsplash.com/photos/etkmWcqtZzg