Organizing Your Beauty RoutineThis week I started to look at the products I use every day and decided it was time to remove the excess and organize!

Seeing that I make conscious decisions at the grocery store to buy all organic, sustainable sourced and local foods, why am I not doing the same with the product I put directly on my skin?

I made a quick list of the products I use everyday: shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, make-up, body lotions, toothpaste and mouth wash. Once I started reading the labels I realized even with my minimalist approach to having less, each product had a mile long list of ingredients, many I couldn’t read.

If my goal is to only own items I love and respect, then I needed to start with my morning routine.

FYI I did not start by toss everything I owned and buy the first sustainable product I found. I did a lot of research and looked at reviews so I could make the best decision possible.

Note: there will be trial and error in this process.

The reason mass produced chemical based products do so well is because the chemicals in them make the product last longer, less clumping and have a silky smooth texture. Know you can find this with natural & organic products.  This will be a process as you need to find what works best with your skin type and your personal preference. There are plenty of great sources online that have already done the research for you, take a look at Aillea and which seems to be a great place to buy conscious products. I’m sure there are many others as well.

When I’m looking for a new product this is my process:

Step 1:

Check if its a sustainable sourced product (where is it made & where did the ingredients come from)

Step 2:

Is it tested on animals – This is a no brainer for me. Are you aware that animal testing is required by law in China for all foreign cosmetics companies. This means that all the major American and European cosmetics brands that are currently sold in China, must undergo animal testing. Do a quick search you’ll be shocked at how many are on that list!

Step 3:

Chemical free, & organic when possible.

Step 4:

Read the reviews, and take these with a grain of salt. I find most people only review for things they either HATED or LOVED, many people truly enjoy a product but never feel the need to leave a review.

Step 5:

Lastly, I decide if the cost for the product makes sense for my budget. My products last me a long time even though I use them everyday. So if a foundation cost $60-$80 over 9 months that is well worth investing in. (Hint: you should think this way for all your purchases.. cost per use)

Step 6: Test each product as you get them and if they don’t work, return them. Don’t loose money in this process and/ create more waste. Most companies have a reasonable return policy.

I suggest making changes one at a time. The clutter in your life didn’t happen over night so respect the process and take it slow. Allowing you to create new and healthy habits in all aspect of your life!

Sarah Parisi – The Clutter Curator
Chicago’s Premier Home Organizer