An organized pantry with kitchen gadgetsIt seems we have a desire to own every gadget out there to make cooking and baking at home “Fun & Easy”.

Well, that’s what marketing tells us at least. There is a huge push to cook at home, know what you are eating, and shopping for the best produce. All these are great goals and we all have the best intentions to follow this new lifestyle. Unfortunately, our kitchens become filled with gadgets and tools that are never actually used.

Some of my personal favorites that I use almost daily are my Vitamix, Bodum Electric Kettle and Bodum French Press. Since I use these items daily the cost of “storing” them is well worth the expense.

Appliances I see more often then not, stored and not used, are the following: KitchenAid Mixers, some how these big guys have found their way on every registry.

Part of the perfect brides starter kit. It’s a home staple yet I find most people never plug them in.

Other items include rice cookers, dehydrators, food processors, popcorn makers, bags of cookie cutters, garlic peelers, choppers, spiral tool for veggies, and the list goes on. These items as a whole take up a sufficient amount of real estate in your home. I like to look at each appliance or tool and ask a few questions to ensure the space it holds in my home is warranted. To be clear I’m not saying to ditch all these great tools, just ask a few questions first.

1. How often do you use this?

2. Do you enjoy using this?

3. Looking at how much space this tool takes up, could I use something else in it place that is more multi-functional. For example a food processor and a Vitamix. A Vitamix can serve both purpose for the average cook and baker. Look to get the most value out of one household item.

Once you have taken a moment to review the pros and cons; decide what to keep, sell, or donate. Then take a look at what is in your keep pile.

Finding a location to store these items is key. If they are in a space that is easy to access the chances of you using them are much higher.

Lastly, small appliances tend to come with guides and cookbooks. Look over these and toss the material that you know you won’t use. I pull all my recipes off the internet so these are an easy toss for me. YouTube has everything you need anymore.

Look to purge even the smallest items.. they add up, I promise.

Quick Tips:
1. Take a full inventory of your appliances
2. Ask yourself a few questions
3. Organize your appliances and tools in a way that you will enjoy using and accessing them

Sarah Parisi – The Clutter Curator
Chicago’s Premier Home Organizer