Getting Started


Congratulations, you’ve taken the first step, looking for an organizer that best suits you.

A holistic organizer looks to understand the whole picture. We discuss what’s going on in your life and what your goals are.  We want to create a lasting solution that will affect you in a positive way each and everyday.

When looking at clutter in a holistic way,  first we need to understand how you are currently using the space and more importantly how you would like to use the space. Once your goals are established, we will work together to purge the excess. During the purging process we will discuss ways to adjust habits to cultivate a simplified life.  After we remove the excess, we will organize and place each item with purpose. We will do everything from space planning to the final design.

My goal is to create the home of your dreams through de-cluttering and simplifying. It’s possible… I promise. A simplified life and home opens up space for what’s important – life experiences and happiness.

Let’s start the process of changing your habits to create an organized home and life!

Or reach us directly at / 917.524.5232