Taking Action


Once we have reviewed your goals the next step is setting up a session date to start the process. We understand you may have limited time, our goal is to make this process as smooth and effortless as possible. But remember, while it might have taken you a few months or years to create the clutter, we promise to have your home beautifully organized in a much shorter time frame.

Holistic Home Organizing

  • Spaces to Organize: Living room, office, kitchen, pantry, bedroom, closets, bathroom, children’s rooms and more!
  • We start with De-cluttering and Sorting: Methodically and meticulously we will create a plan for each item and place accordingly.
  • Digging a Bit Deeper: During the process we work through any emotional attachments to ensure you are keeping the items for the right reason and will serve you the best within your space.

Life Coaching

  • This service helps you de-clutter and organize your mind and daily Routine.
  • I Find many of my clients need assistance organizing their thoughts and goals. During these sessions we will focus on your life goals and implementing new habits to support your best self. This is an opportunity to remove the excess in your life be it past relationships, current toxic relationships, a work environment that is no longer serving you, or an unhealthy diet. When looking at clutter in a holistic way I find removing any and all toxic part of your life opens up space for what really matters and allows you to take back control of your future.
  • I recommend meeting 2x a month for 6 months.

Digital Organizing

  • Where I Can Help: Email, photos, computer desktop, documents, contacts and more!
  • We start with Discussing Problem Areas: I will create a system for storing your digital files and photos. If working within your email I will create folders and unsubscribe to junk emails leaving your inbox with only “action” items.
  • Streamlining your digital clutter impacts your day to day routine in such a positive way. Imagine not stressing over finding important documents or sorting through your millions of photos.

Gift Certificates Available

Great for families moving, expecting or friends that just need a little help.